Donnerstag, 16. Juli 2015

Inauguration of the new adventure trail, ‘PanaRaida’, in S. Cristina

Sunday 26 July, 14:00
Meeting point: beginnng of the path near the Monte Pana parking space

The adventure trail for families on the Monte Pana of S. Cristina has been opened after a lengthy development phase. The trail criss-crosses across blossoming fields and forests and includes ten stations until it reaches the idyllic natural lake. The pensive adventure trail welcomes hikers looking for peace and calm, wanting to discover the genuine side of nature. The trail also includes a Geocoaching treasure hunt.

The PanaRaida trail starts at the parking space on the Monte Pana in S. Cristina, leading you to the valley station of the Monte Sëura cablecar. This is where the welcome and adventure trail starts, taking you in a clockwise or anticlockwise direction. Here you can explore and try the stations which include natural materials for an unforgettable adventure for all ages.

The unique landscape of relaxation of Monte Pana adds that special touch to the itinerary, making this adventure in nature an unforgettable experience for all the family.

Beginning: Monte Pana parking space
Length 3 km
Duration 1 hour
Elevation gain in ascent 50 m
Elevation difference in descent 50 m
Rest and eatery opportunity: Hotel Cendevaves and Hotel Monte Pana
Not open during winter

GEOCACHING “PANARAIDA” TRAIL: the treasure hunt for all the family!
Three of the stations of the PanaRaida adventure trail have been hidden by geocache (containers). Each of them contains a word you will have to note down. The words form a short sentence: refer it to the Tourism Association in Santa Cristina and you will find the treasure!
Rules: type the following coordinates on your GPS device or smartphone
N 46° 32.959 E 011° 43.145 - Chiesetta Monte Pana, to find the first container and the word which will lead you to the next one and finally the treasure 

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