Montag, 9. Mai 2011

Slackline park in Selva ENGLISH

You don’t know what slacklining is? In this brief Slackline course for trainers, you will learn and have the unique opportunity to practice this new and dynamic outdoor sport which is attracting more and more people! You too will get the Slackline fever! In summer 2011, Selva Gardena presents the first official Slackline Park in the South Tyrol!

What is slacklining?

Slacklining is a modern sport, similar to tight rope walking, where you walk on a tubular web which is stretched between two anchor points. In tight rope walking the rope is taught and doesn’t move, in slacklining, the tubular web is elastic and moves under the weight of your body. For this reason it is more dynamic and means that participants need concentration, balance, and coordination . This ‘new’ sport offers an ideal additional training technique for such sports as climbing, skiing, combat sports, horse riding, football, tennis and other sports too, where the art of balance is essential. This sport is an ideal inclusion for trainers in each of the above sporting categories, to introduce into their training programmes.

This course sets out to give trainers the opportunity to learn the correct techniques of slacklining, which can be then passed on to athletes.

Pictures Slacklinepark in Selva:

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