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Blog of Agustina Lagos Marmol about Val Gardena and The Dolomites

Augustina L.M. write very interesting article about Val Gardena and the Dolomites:

5 reasons to visit Val Gardena

"Italy’s Dolomite Mountains are by far one of the most exciting and breathtaking destinations on earth. With soaring peaks and endless mountain trails making way to peaceful valleys and open pastures, its nature at its very best. Val Gardena is one of the most popular valleys located within this incredible mountain region. Visitors there can enjoy a multitude of outdoor activities and mingle with a community of people who embrace their ancient heritage and fascinating culture. There are countless reasons to plan a trip to Val Gardena, but here are five that top the list."

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3 Most Popular Valleys to Hike in the Dolomites
"Nestled beneath the alpine summits of Langkofel, Sellastock and Geisler-Puez mountains, this charming valley is comprised of a maze of tiny villages and peaceful pastures just waiting to be explored. "

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Val Gardena Gröden

Val Gardena Gröden