Montag, 6. Juni 2011


The project to organize a running race along the trails around the Sella Massif has been a dream for many people who use to walk, run or simple enjoy the wonderful surroundings of the four Ladin valleys. But none of them knew how to make this dream come true.

Today this dream has a name: SELLARONDA TRAIL RUNNING.

The race will take place around the Sella Group, both along dirt roads and tracks, trying to avoid or limit passages and crossings on asphalt roads.

The track is almost 51 km long, with a height difference of 3.460 metres.

The race will pass through the main resorts of Canazei, Selva Valgerdena, Corvara and Arabba, running along the Sella and Pordoi Passes, touching the “Bec de Roces” nearby the Campolongo Pass and going along the “Dantercepies” ski slope nearby the Gardena Pass.

The start and the arrival of the Sellaronda Trail Running will be assigned, year by year, in turn, to the main resorts of the four Ladin valleys (Canazei, Selva Valgardena, Corvara ed Arabba) as it happens for the Sellaronda Skimarathon, the famous winter mountaineering-ski competition.

The first edition of the Sellaronda Trail Running will be hosted by Val di Fassa and the athletes will start and finish the race in Canazei.

The start of the race will be given on Saturday 10 September at 7.00 o’clock and the arrival of the first athletes is scheduled after indicatively 5 hours. The maximum time to cover the distance is within 10 hours from the start. Along the trail some time limits will be imposed and athletes exceeding them will be excluded from the prosecution of the race.

Runners can choose to run alone or in team in a relay race: each athlete will run for two passes and, in this edition, the change will be in Corvara. The transfer of the runners from Canazei to Corvara will be provided directly by the Organizing Committee.

Thanks to the efforts of the Tourist Boards of the four valleys, the support of important sponsors and mainly thanks to the cooperation of the numerous volunteers who will provide their help and work by the day of the race, the Sellaronda Trail Running will turn out to be a great day of sport for all the participants who will run along wonderful tracks and paths, surrounded by the majesty of the amazing Dolomites.


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