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The  23rd June sees the start of the mountain bike tourism season whereby you can get around the Sella Group with a little help from the lift systems. 
And new this year is the Sellaronda E-BIKE enabling one and all to hire a bike and pedal with ease along pleasant mountain stretches.

Val Gardena (BZ), 24.05.2013 – One of the benefits which the SÜDTIROL SELLARONDA HERO has brought, and which has nothing to do with race competition but which has become more and more apparent over the last three years, is that the  HERO and mountain biking in general have helped more and more people to discover the DOLOMITES. It is not only skiing in the winter or trekking in the summer, but mountain biking too, which helps people to appreciate the sensational and unique experience of spending time here in the valleys recognised by UNESCO as a WORLD NATIONAL HERITAGE SITE.
Once the big race day is over the Dolomites revel in their role as one of the favourite destinations of fans of mountain bike excursions. To tour the Sella Group, be it with your own pedal power or a little electrical assistance, is an adventure not to miss out on. And the best way to do it? The  SELLARONDA MTB TOUR is a guided excursion which allows bikers who are reasonably fit and experienced in the discipline to cover most parts of the HERO route and take in the experience and the emotions which only the Dolomite scenario can offer.

The Sellaronda MTB TOUR 2013 kicks off on the 23rd June, the day after the HERO, and the season comes to a close on the 22nd September. In this period you can take part in the TOUR and be assisted by a mountain bike guide, possible to book in any of the 4 valleys forming part of the itinerary: VAL GARDENA, ALTA BADIA, ARABBA, VAL DI FASSA.

Having a guide to assist you on the TOUR has numerous advantages. Apart from assisting  bikers in the more difficult parts or helping out in case of bike problems the mtb guides know how to show off the Dolomites to their best  – and all for your enjoyment! It is important to point out that some parts of the itinerary have quite difficult bits and that you need to be in good shape and have some mtb experience and decent technique to be able to do the Sellaronda MTB TOUR. It is possible to start from a number of the villages along the Sella Group route - Selva Gardena, Corvara, Arabba, Canazei, Campitello, and to travel in a clockwise direction as the HERO race itself, or in an anti-clockwise direction.

‘THE CLOCKWISE TOUR’, it having undergone one or two alterations from past years, is 65 kilometres long and has a total altitude difference of 3,980 metres (550 of which are to cycle), whilst ‘THE ANTI-CLOCKWISE TOUR’ is 55 km long (or 56 km if you take the chairlift Montepana - Mont Seura) and has a total altitude difference of 3,200 metres, you needing to cycle only 1,200 metres of these! The cost of the daily ticket for the TOUR is Euro 70,00 and this includes the services of the guide, your personal transport on the lift systems, and covers also the cost of your bike transport on lifts. 

Changes for the summer 2013 season concern the lift systems. If you do the TOUR in a clockwise direction there is a change at Selva Val Gardena  in that you now take the Ciampinoi cablecar (the  Dantercepies lift is closed for renewal work) Once at the top you continue with an uphill ride to Rifugio Comici and then a downhill to Plan de Gralba, and then up on the road to Ponte Gardena. Then the TOUR carries on using 6 other lifts: the Col Alt cabinlift, the Braia chairlift, the Fraida lift, the Campolongo chairlift, and the Portavescovo cablecar.  On from here you will take the Maria chairlift (the Fodom lift is closed this summer as there is a new lift being built) and you will finish by taking the Col Rodella cablecar. For those who choose to do the Sellaronda MTB TOUR 2013 in an anti-clockwise direction four lifts will be used – you being able to start from any of the four valleys as for the clockwise route. The lifts are the Campinoi cablecar and the Mont Seura chairlift, then the Belvedere cabinlift, the Col dei Rossi cablecar, and finally the Plans – Frara cabinlift.

The real big news for summer 2013 is the advent of the SELLARONDA E-BIKE, ‘E’ being for Electric. So it will be possible to do the  Sellaronda MTB TOUR with a little bit of electrical assistance, still taking the lifts for uphill climbs, whilst the downhills will be on forest or asphalted roads. An alternative safe and easy way to enjoy the Dolomites for those who do not have great experience of mountain biking on open terrain. Along the route there will be 4 points to recharge your e-bike thanks to the Bosch battery system. All in all a great chance to enjoy the Dolomite life without any stress and hence our claim of "Easy panorama mountain bike tour".

As for the main TOUR the SELLARONDA E-BIKE version can be done in a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction, the former being  71 km long with an altitude difference to pedal of 700 m (note that the total altitude difference including transport on lift systems is 3,600 m). As for the anti-clockwise route the total distance is 58/62 km, the altitude difference to pedal is between 750 and 1,150 m, and the total altitude difference is 3,000 m).

The Sellaronda MTB TOUR is an example of a real practical project involving independent organisations in 3 provinces (Bolzano, Trento, and Belluno), and in each valley there is a reference point. In Val Gardena it is Dolomiti Adventures (, in Selva it is Selva Active (, in Alta Badia it is Dolomite Biking (

Note also Arabba: Limit bike service ( Val di Fassa: Sport Check Point Canazei (


The SELLARONDA MTB TOUR, both in the clockwise and anti-clockwise directions can be seen on the new INTERNET 3D DOLOMITES application, a world of virtual reality which allows you to navigate via use of the mouse in a third dimension highlighting the Dolomites and their wonders, the spectacular mountain bike routes, freeride parks and necessary service to plan your mountain bike day out in the world’s most beautiful mountains. The Sellaronda MTB TOUR routes can also be seen in the new 3D video format so you can have an idea of the tour before setting out and of course reliving it afterwards – go to

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