Montag, 30. Mai 2016

Dolomites Horse Show in Italy, in Selva Val Gardena

For the very first time the prestigious Dolomites Horse Show event will be held in Selva Val Gardena, in the beautiful Vallunga, - the UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE location of the Puez-Odle Nature Park will be an ideal setting for the  arrival of the international jet-set.

This outstanding event will take place in the Carabinieri Alpine Training Centre, it offering sport and holiday in one of Italy’s most famous tourism destinations. The event is being coordinated by the undergraduate in economics, Alex Delazer, he a horse-lover from an early age and now an international rider himself.

"Val Gardena offers an ideal location for the Dolomites Horse Show, it providing sporting activity and glamorous style in a party atmosphere. Througout the event here will be the opportunity to both horseride and find time to relax and enjoy the mountain life to the full – and then there are all the holiday opportunities which Val Gardena has. When the idea to organise the event came about I thought about my home town Selva immediately, it known throughout the world for its landscape and breathtaking mountain peaks. Thanks to the help and support of the local authorities and the Lord Mayor and Deputy Mayor themselves, as well as the contribution made by the Tourism Association, we have been able to take the event project forward." These the words of Alex Delazer.

The event will have two competitions: a CSI reserved to professional horseriders and a CSI foe young riders and amateurs.

The top 70 riders and horses in the world will be invited to take part in the competitions in the CSI, including a Grand Prix valid for Olympic qualification, this latter spectacle taking place on Sunday 3 July, the final day of 4 days racing. Among those taking part are well-known riders such as Giulia Martinengo Marquet, Italian Ladies Champion in 2015, the Belgian Philippe Le Jeune, World Champion at Lexington, and from Holland Gerco Schröder, silver medal winner in the last Olympics in London.

In the CSI 1 * young talents from the world of showjumping will compete and the amateurs will have the privilege of competing in the same conditions as the best of the world’s riders.

Wednesday 29 June 2016
Vet check 15h to 19h
THURSDAY 30 June 2016
Race 1 - 1,15 m, from 09h to 11:00h
Race 2 - 1,25 / 1,30 m, from 11h to 13h
Race 3 - 1,35 / 1,40 m, from 13h to 15h
Vet check, from 15h to 19h
FRIDAY 1 July 2016
Race 4 - 1,15 m, from 09h to 11h
Race 5 - 1,25 / 1,30 m, from 11h to 13h
Race 6 -  1,35 / 1,40 m, from 13h to 15h
Race 7 - 1,45 m, from 15h to 17h
Race 8 - 1,50 m, from 17h to 19h
SATURDAY 2 July 2016
Race 9 - 1,15m, from 10h to 12h
Race 10 - 1,25 / 1,30 m, from 12h to 14h
Gara 11 - 1,50 / 1,55 m, from 14h to 16h
SUNDAY 3 July 2016
Gara 12 - 1,50m. from 9h to 11h
Race 13 - GP 1,40 m, from 11h to 13h
Race 14 - Grand Prix 1,60 m, from 14h to 17h
* Programme subject to change

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