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DOLOMITES, a new system for a brand looking to the future

Val Gardena, after a long and elaborate process over several phases has presented a new strategy which has as its driving element the brand DOLOMITES. 
At a “kick-off” event of the Tourism Associations of Ortisei, S. Cristina and Selva, the results of this strategic process were presented to the public, a process which has resulted in the creation of a new VAL GARDENA logo, it integrated with that of DOLOMITES, and so by opening a possible prospective for the other valleys of the Dolomites.

After many years of success and various awards and recognitions Val Gardena Marketing was looking for a new model of attraction in developing foreign market interest. Such reflections  gave life to a project which started with the analysis of the Dolomites and their 250 million year history, their status as World Natural Heritage, and of course their magnificent landscape with numerous attractive features and elements. The analysis led to the evaluation of their potential in a brand sense and to considering possible solutions to the development of a strategy based on a related brand and which could be of relevance and applicability to all the valleys of the Dolomites.

A task force made up of members of Val Gardena Marketing and the Tourism Associations of Val Gardena developed a strategy for a  DOLOMITES brand, doing so through a a process in various stages and shared and coordinated by the specialised BrandTrust agency. Further to this the Circus communication agency of Innsbruck handled the conversion of the strategic process to a graphic elaboration of a brand labelled  DOLOMITES & VAL GARDENA. And yesterday evening the Tourism Associations  of Selva, S. Cristina and Ortisei presented the outcome of this fascinating and innovative process to a public audience.

DOLOMITES, a brand based on the excellence of the territory itself.
It is not possible to create a successful brand without excellent products and services. Following on from this basic tenet of marketing the development of the brand DOLOMITES involved a detailed analysis of the ‘excellent performers’ on the territory, a wide range of activities present which were deemed a solid base to construct a brand thereon. Naturally enough all the attractive elements need to be presented in attractive tourism themes, they themselves organised and managed in an excellent manner, so as to be effective in any brand promotion.

Brand credibility
Following on from the above the cultural and sporting excellence related to the Alpine world of the Dolomites, both in the past and today, was analysed so as to identify and express in simple terms the values which distinguish the DOLOMITES world.  These values, the credibility of which is supported by the various elements of excellence present on the territory, are expressed as : “imposing, strongly tied to, mythical, rewarding, challenging”. Focusing on these values the destination can develop products directed in support of the brand and the relevance of which can be discussed. This is a detail essential for the success of the brand.

The “nr. 1 position” of DOLOMITES
It is importnat to know one’s own origins and one’s own values and know how to transform them in a vision of one’s own future and to express in the so-called “nr. 1 position” of the brand. For DOLOMITES this “nr. 1 position” has been defined in a coherent and appropriate manner as “The world’s most historic mountains”, which can be summarised in the single word magic, close in proximity to the Ladin word “màgich”. It is an adjective with which the brand describes the way which it would wish to be considered, this through its products and its offers.

The choice of the name DOLOMITES
With the word “DOLOMITES”, the same spelling in Ladin and English, the brand refers to its positioning in a single concept.

The system of the DOLOMITES brand
The brand’s system is without hierarchy and thus allows the brand DOLOMITES (as a term and as an image) to be identified with the brands of the single valleys and so attributing to them as “visual” relevance. Neither of the brands results to be in first or second position and thereby guaranteeing the strong identity of the individual valleys and there own claims to success; a clear recognition of both and with a strong consequential reinforcement of both in terms of presence and attractiveness at international level.

VAL GARDENA integrates DOLOMITES in its logo
Val Gardena’s new logo
From 1st October 2017 VAL GARDENA will be the first to follow this new indicator and using the new brand in combining DOLOMITES and VAL GARDENA. The new DOLOMITES brand and  the simplified and stylised VAL GARDENA logo unite in a play of form and layer. The coloured layers create a special symbosis and the result is a distinctive and easily recognisable symbol.
The members associated to the Tourism Associations will have the chance to immediately make use of the new brand in compliance with the guidelines avaliable on the internet site

What does the graphic of the DOLOMITES brand represent?
A handwritten word.
The particular feature of the new brand (it including words and image) is the word DOLOMITES itself, which seems to be handwritten. A line of individual, dynamic characters which seem to want to reach for the sky. A group of climbers linked by rope on a convexed shape rectangular – it perhaps a mountain side?
The new word is exclusive and handwritten. It was developed in a collaboration between the CIRCUS studio in Innsbruck and Albert Pinggera, he a typographic character designer in South Tyrol.

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