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The S. Giacomo Church in Val Gardena

The S. Giacomo Church (la “dlieja da Sacun”) lies above Ortisei (can only be reached on foot) and rests near the ancient path 'Troi Paian', which once took the Venetians over the Dolomite passes and through Val Gardena to the Valle d'Isarco. According to tradition the oldest church of the valley was dedicated to Saint Jacob, the protector of wanderers and pilgrims.

The church originates back to the 12th century: this was confirmed by experts looking at the building material used, which stemmed from the Roman period. The church's appearance today has elements of the Gothic period and Gothic and Baroque elements decorate the church interior as well. The most important artistic contents are the Gothic frescos in the presbytery (late 15th century) as well as the mural paintings near the chancel from the 16th century depicting the legend of Jacob.

Witness to the local art of wood carving from the Baroque period is the high altar, inlaid with detailed carvings, and its curved pillars and golden figures of the Prince of the Church, apostles and angels (the Vinazer-Pescosta brothers, around 1750). The statues as well as many artistic objects you see today in the church are impressive reproductions made by local wood carvers.

The valuable originals can be seen at the Val Gardena Museum in Ortisei. Opening times and tours of the S. Giacomo Church: summer Mon., Tue. & Thur. 10.30 - 12.00 , Wed. & Fri. 10.30 - 12.00 + 15.30 - 17.00 . Further information at the Tourism Office Ortisei.

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